What is CsoftMGI?

CsoftMGI (also known as csoftadm) is a server management suite which enables users in a multi-user environment to securely perform common administrative tasks.

The suite includes a modular, privilege-separated daemon which can be configured to work on a variety of server environments. When deployed on a redundant cluster of servers, the mgid daemon offers live replication. CsoftMGI also provides a command-line client, mgid(1). Developers can also use the C/C++ client library (libmgid) and the Perl bindings (p5-MGID). CsoftMGI's web interface is implemented in C (built on top of PerCGI), and runs as a FastCGI application server. It is themeable and includes multi-language support.

The mgid daemon and client interfaces have been undergoing continuous development since 1999. Csoft.net's production servers are all managed by CsoftMGI.

The software is mature and well-maintained thanks to constant feedback from users. It is released under a revised BSD license.


The mgid daemon is a modular, multi-process server. The base distribution includes the following modules:

  • Alias::Postfix: Mail addresses and classification programs (Postfix+ mailprocd)
  • Alias::Qmail: E-mail delivery (Qmail; maintainer needed)
  • Alias::Sendmail: E-mail delivery (Sendmail; maintainer needed)
  • AnonFTP: Anonymous FTP servers for users (maintainer needed)
  • Apache: Generate VirtualHost directives for Apache (name-based or mod_vhost_alias methods)
  • Billing: User interface to billing system
  • Cluster: Redundant cluster management and synchronization
  • Cvs: Management of CVS-only accounts
  • DKIM: DMARC / DKIM management for outgoing e-mail authentication
  • Dns: Interface to domain name server zones (BIND named.conf)
  • Daemon: Daemon supervision
  • Db::MySQL: Databases for MySQL
  • Db::PgSQL: Databases for PostgreSQL
  • File: File management interface
  • Group: User interface to Unix groups
  • Jabber: Jabber service for users
  • Logs: Logfile configuration and rotation (BSD newsyslog.conf)
  • MailList: Mailing lists (Mailman)
  • Mbx: Management of POP3/IMAP/webmail accounts
  • Periodic: Generic interface for periodic maintenance tasks
  • Remote: Queries between multiple mgid servers
  • Sales: Billing system for subscriptions
  • Subacct: Restricted user sub-accounts
  • Systat: Return server statistics such as I/O and interrupts
  • Svn: Management of Subversion accounts
  • Users: Addition, removal and management of user accounts
  • UserMap: Centralized database mapping usernames to servers
  • Webmail: Mail client interface

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